Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big Vision

We found that Skype and Facebook are our main streams of communication with Sam as he is working in a rural orphanage in Haiti. In a recent conversation via Skype with Marla (Sam's mom), Sam gave a bit more insight as to what it is like to be a child in Haiti, particularly a child in the orphanage in which he is working.

The children that come to the orphanage come from severe poverty but are treated well and cared for in the orphanage. The orphanage employs 10 Haitians to care for the 112 children and is overseen by one pastor--Sam is the only volunteer and his role is to collect paperwork from the various cities that the children are from. Since Sam does not have a car, he can only travel to the cities when the pastor or other workers are traveling and can offer him a lift. Sam recently went on a trip to collect documentation for children in town and made a lot of progress in those few hours. However, Sam explained that he would really need a couple days worth of time in the towns to gather information.

The particular orphanage that Sam works with is not as invested in adoption as they are in caring for the children to stay in Haiti. While in the orphanage, the children are treated quite well and cared for. Sam explained that this is a blessing to the children but creates one crucial problem. When the children age out of the orphanage and have to return to life in Haiti independently, they tend to be unprepared for the challenges that come with supporting themselves. Used to being cared for, the aged out youth are not fully equipped to lead a successful Haitian life. 
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This is where the Big Vision comes in! Sam acknowledges the need for more preparation for the soon-to-age-out youth so that when they do have to leave the orphanage, they are able to make money to support themselves. Sam's not sure exactly what this will look like, but please be praying that God would inspire Sam with ideas and provide the resources to develop a program to help the older children!

In a previous post, Sam expressed the need to purchase a car. This is still a need as Sam's ability to gather information on the children would greatly increase if he were able to drive between the rural towns. Since noticing this need for a car, Sam has saved his regular monthly allowance that would be used toward food and has instead chosen to eat what the orphanage was providing him. In any way he can, Sam has been saving money to purchase a vehicle. If you would like to support Sam in the purchase of a vehicle, you can do so by sending a check to the organization he works through, called Global Vision Citadelle Ministries (GVCM). Here are further instructions:

Write the check to: GVCM
DO NOT put his name on the check, but write a note saying this support is for Samuel Evans

Address letters/checks to: 
PO Box 880817
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Samuel greatly appreciates your prayers, support, and Facebook messages. His calling to be in Haiti is so clear as God has provided great opportunities. In a recent visit by one of the representatives of GVCM, the representative said that Sam's integration with the language has greatly improved. (Check out the last post--this is an answer to prayer!) He demonstrates strong qualities and is really growing. Thank you for your support in every way! 

Update written and posted by Ellie Evans (Sam's sister).

Monday, July 7, 2014

Year 23 Reflections and Projections

This post is written on behalf of Sam by his sister, Ellie.

July 30th marks 23 years of life for Samuel. A lot has fit into those years! In reflection of what he has been through, as well as projecting into this next year of life, I asked Sam to answer a two questions. I asked Samuel to name TWO of his favorite moments in the past year and THREE things he's looking forward to in the coming year.

The two favorite moments in the past year were as follows:
1) moving to Haiti
2) experiencing the restoration of home life with his adoptive family. Sam expressed great gratitude for Mom and Dad allowing him to return home for a few months while fundraising and preparing to live in Haiti. Sam was so thankful for the peace that was brought by those months of reconciling relationships from previous hardships. 

The three things that Sam is looking forward to in this coming year are as follows:
1) getting more fluent at Creole, the native language of Haiti. Sam said he knows probably 20-40% of the language. When listening, he can understand what is said, but when it comes to visualizing the words in his head, he's not as sharp. Sam told me he's been reading Creole writings to better his fluency and really grasp the language. Most of the people he's around speak only Creole.
2) Sam is looking forward to more "street ministry," or in other words, evangelizing to the people in the marketplace or along the streets. Sam is looking forward to more conversions as the people of Haiti come to learn of God's relentless love for them.
3) Sam is eager for restoration to be brought to his Haitian family. He visits them here and there but finds a lot of pain and brokenness. Sam told me he never skips a beat when speaking with his birth dad--a devout Voodooist--about Christ. Sam's heart breaks for the salvation of his birth parents.

A screenshot of my FaceTime/Skype
talk with Sam
As always, I asked Sam how we can be praying for him. I asked him specifically about what he needs as opposed to what to be praying for in regards to Haiti as a nation. Sam expressed that is discouraging how little Creole he knows...he explained that the language barrier--although he knows some of the dialect--is a struggle and can cause him to feel discouraged and a bit useless.

Prayers for a "Christ-like mindedness" or in other words, a Christ-like perspective on this period of learning are needed. While Sam is working on becoming more fluent, he needs to be reminded of God's purpose for him and that God is still working amid this 'barrier'. No barrier is too great for our God and we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Please join us in praying for Sam as he continues to be used by God in Haiti.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Prayer Update

Hello, friends and family! This is Ellie, Sam's sister, posting on Sam's behalf.
Sam has been working in an orphanage in Haiti with about 110 orphans. As mentioned in a previous post, his role is to travel between the orphanage and the city to collect correct documentation for the children. He currently leads a weekly Bible study for the older boys. He's gone out on two medical trips to help with interpreting and medical procedures (he is certified in phlebotomy--drawing blood). Upon reflection, he decided not to purchase a motorcycle: he was advised that it was too dangerous. However, transportation is important, so he will save a little of his allowance each month to eventually purchase a car/truck/vehicle of some sort. Thank you to all who contributed to his fundraising before he left for Haiti--Sam appreciates all the donations.
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Recently Sam FaceTimed Mom and asked about everyone, how they were doing, and expressed his love. In a Facebook Messenger conversation, Sam told me misses everyone as well as the American life. Please pray for increased strength and sense of purpose for Sam as living in Haiti has quite a contrasts to the comforts of the American life. Pray for strong friendships to keep him encouraged in the faith!
Thank you for reading, caring, and praying for Sam!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update! Glory to God!


Things are going great in Haiti. So far I’ve been here for a month and some two weeks. The purpose of this letter is to inform people on how I am doing, and how you can pray for me.

I first want to start off by giving thanks and glory to Jesus Christ for all He has done in me and through because if it was not for Him, I would not be where I am nor be doing what I am doing. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and have continued praying for me. Also give thanks for all the financial support, and give thanks in advance if you are considering supporting me.

For the first couple of weeks, I spent time at my mom’s house in Port-au-Prince. She is a businesswoman so she is very busy and is occupied with work. She sells Crème (which is like ice cream) for her business. The house where she lives is always busy, and it seems like no one ever sleeps there. She lives literally in the heart of Haiti so that’s good for her business. I enjoyed seeing my mom and spending time with her but the city and the atmosphere of the house is not my cup of tea. So I decided to live on the GVCM grounds.

I spent three weeks at my mom’s house because the pastor of the ministry was in Florida visiting his family. I waited for him to come back to Haiti so he could be there when I entered the ministry. We picked the pastor up at the airport and headed for Mirbalais. Mirbalais is in the mountains of Haiti and we drive up this mountain called Goat Mountain in order to get to Mirbalais. This mountain is dangerous and you cannot drive up this mountain in anything but a car because of the road's conditions.

The ministry has 112 orphans and a staff of about 10 Haitians. As you can imagine, we are always busy and never bored. My job is to work in the sponsoring program they have. There are kids who are sponsored in multiple cities so I will have to travel to collect information for them. My job demands that I work hands on with the kids, which I love. The work is plenty and there is a lot of improvement to be done. I also do whatever needs to be done.

Pray that I stay focused on what God is calling me to do. Right now, the work I do with the sponsorship is limited because I have no transportation. I can not buy a motorcycle because its too dangerous to go up and down Goat Mountain with a motorcycle. Right now I have $3,000 dollars but I will need $3,000 more to buy a car. As of right now, if I don’t use the $500 that I have monthly then in six months I can purchase a car. If I have to do that then I will. If you feel God is pulling on your heart to give towards this, that would be a great help. I am willing to make any sacrifice so that God's work is done and I have no fear that God will provide for me alone the way.

Glory to God in the highest, His power is still here. His blood has not lost its power and it never will. In Him, captives are set free; in Him, lives are renewed. He is still here and working in our mist. Glory!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

About Me...But It Really Ain't About Me


Hello, my name is Samuel Evans. 

I was adopted from Haiti back when I was nine. I am now twenty two and returning to my homeland to preach the Good News that is the Cross, repentance, and holiness found in Jesus Christ alone. 

The following posts will document some of my experiences in Haiti.In the meantime, please be praying  
1) for me to stay in the truth
2) for me to preach with boldness like a lion
3) that these testimonies may increase or give you faith in my Jesus Christ!